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The Seal Of Ownership (Ephesians 1:13) #holy spirit #self worth

As a boy, I collected coins and in the process, came across some of significant value.  What I had learned in the process is that the condition or type of stamp determined the value of the coin.  The coins in mint condition were worth more than the same year coin that was not.  One special coin that I had was a rare issue.  It was the first issue of the Indian head penny which reflected the designer’s initial.  Some of the rarest of coins were those doubled stamped or made of a different composite.  During the war, pennies were made from steal instead of lead.  However, there were just a handful of copper pennies from that year made and because of it, they were of greater value.
The scriptures tell is that upon trusting Christ, we were sealed or stamped with the Holy Spirit.  His sealing indicates the greatness of our value.  Just as a monarch sealed documents with his image or signet in wax, we bear the markings of God’s possession.  Because of this, you and I are more valuable than everything else in the universe.  
The world has a different standard of value and by it they determine your worth and project it upon you.  Look like this, have these skills, own these possessions, work in this vocation and you are somebody.  The saddest part is that we believe it and because we believe it, we begin striving to attain skills, abilities or achievements to define our value.  If you are in that trap, it is because you have failed to recognize your true value.   Remember, you were bought with a great price and that payment made by Christ has made you a possession of The Almighty.  His seal upon you may not be visible to humans, but all spiritual beings know who you are and the greatness of your value to God.
Instead of striving to be somebody, just be yourself.  Who you are is the person that God loves, bought and owns.  Why would you want to be anything different?  So, be the best “you” that you can be.

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