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Moses The Servant Of The Lord (Joshua 1:1)

Shortly after the stock market crumbled in 1929, there were many, who previously had been very wealthy, that were facing financial ruin.  They were in debt beyond their imagination.  For those who saw no way out and could not face the shame, ruin and their current state of poverty, decided to take their own lives.  They did so because they could not face living under the bondage and constraints that the poverty would bring.
For Moses, this was not the case.  He was raised in the palace of the Pharaoh, but of his own accord chose no longer to live in the pleasures of sin.  By forsaking Egypt and following God, he went from being a ruler to servant.  The choice was not placed upon him, nor did he make the decision after being coerced by spiritual leaders.  Moses recognized that in life he would serve somebody or something.  He chose to serve the living God.
Today and every day, I must make that same choice.  Will I live to fulfill my will or will I live to pursue the desires of God?  This decision begins when I awake and continues to occur countless times throughout the day.  Will I labor for my employer like I want or as God wants?  Will I handle problems that I have with people in my manner or God’s?  Will I manage money my way or God’s way?  The decision is mine.  When Christ saved me, he set me free and the liberty that I have in Christ is that I get to choose.  I can do this because I no longer am bound in sin, but set free.
What decision will you make?  As you make the decision to serve God, vocalize it to him each day.  Begin your day with the declaration to God that you choose to serve him.

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