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How Believers Fall Away (John 6:61-66) #backslidding # turn away

How do people who were at one time excited about The Lord make a turn one day and then depart from him?  This question has been asked by many believers throughout the ages.  After the miracle of the loaves and fishes, some disciples did the very thing.  The reason for their departing from The Lord gives insight into the reason for others.
There are three key phrases in this passage that are of great importance: does this offend you, his disciples murmured and his disciples went back (vs. 61, 66).  These key phrases reveal the steps that take place with people that turn away from The Lord.
The phrase “Does this offend you?” can be said in another way as “Does this trip you up?”  The first step in turning from The Lord is allowing yourself to be offended or tripped up by events that The Lord has allowed to happen in your life.  For some it is the loss of a job.  Others get tripped up over a miss carriage, auto accident, missed opportunity or the hurt that comes from people that they love and the list can go on.  Whatever it may be, people allow events that occur to affect their view of God, his mercy and his goodness. 
After they are offended or tripped up, they begin to murmur against The Lord.  It may begin in the heart but after some time it will flow out of their lips.  Whether it be as simple as God isn’t fair or as deep as God doesn’t love me and I want nothing to do with him, it is still sin.
After being tripped and then the heart is turned it is only a matter of time before the sin nature decides that it will take over and say that if God will not treat me as I need it, I will take care of things myself and then walk away from God.  What a sad state to be in.  It did not take just a few days to get there and for some it took years, but the enemy tripped them up, turned their heart and led them to fall away.
The solution is never to allow the enemy to get a foothold in your life.  Those whose Christianity has been performance based will fall more easily to the enemies’ attacks.  Those who have a deep relationship with The Lord, will be able to withstand the lies and attacks of the flesh and enemy.  In either case all can be delivered because God’s grace is always present and sufficient, but what sadly takes place is that these people allow themselves to become captive by their own will.

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