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Peace That Seems To Pass People’s Understanding (Psalm 122:7)

Peace, in my opinion, is one of the most misunderstood terms in the bible. Sometimes people refer to peace as a state of happiness. Others refer to it as a condition where they are sure about something I.e. “I have peace about it. Yet others consider it a state of contentment. Although these emotions may be present with peace! these beliefs about peace are wrong.

The term peace carries the idea of “to set at one” much like to reset a broken leg or arm. With that understood, peace is the state that occurs after a state of division, confusion or disharmony. Consider two countries who are at the brink of war. A negotiator brings representatives of each country together for peace talks to where they finally arrive at terms of peace. The end result is two countries that were at a division are brought together again. When this occurs, the countries are said to be at peace. Sometimes we use the term correctly by saying that we need to see somebody and make peace. Others may say that somebody has made or is a peace with God.

This same condition occurs in our hearts. Problems may arise in life to where our hearts are confused, hurt or fearful. At that point, The Lord brings promises from his word to our attention. Immediately after he speaks to us, our hearts are set at one again. The problem may still be present in our lives, but his word has restored our hearts.

In Psalm 122:7, the Psalmist speaks of Jerusalem in these words: Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. Notice that peace occurs in Jerusalem and not outside of Jerusalem. Many think that when The Lord brings peace to their lives everything will be wonderful. It will not be and until the Lord returns, it never will be. But his promises of peace will occur within the walls of Jerusalem and for us within the walls of our heart. Regardless of what takes place in our lives, we can have peace in our hearts.

While in the midst of a trial, seek God through his word so that he may set your heart at one again.


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