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Praising God And Others (Psalm 148:13)

Let them praise the name of the Lord: for his name alone is excellent; his glory is above the earth and heaven. Psalm 148:13

The word of God is filled with principles for living. When we follow them, we place ourselves into the position of receiving the benefit or promise that they claim. Some of the principles are clearly stated, but others are a bit obscure. This passage contains a principle that we can generalize to all areas of our lives.

The previous verses in this psalm command all that is in Heaven and Earth to praise God. The reason for giving praise is because The Lord’s glory is above all that is in Heaven and Earth. The principle is that when you encounter anyone who can do something beyond your scope of ability, give them praise. Fathers, if your son can do anything better than you, praise him. You may have athletic ability and your son may be very lacking, but there are skills that he has that you do not. Identify those skills and praise him for them. Moms, if you have strength with fashion and decor in the home, but your daughter does not, recognize her abilities and praise her for them.

When we praise people for their strengths, we become an encouragement to them and we also recognize what gifts God has given to people for aiding us in our lives. Because of that, we will appreciate them more or maybe for the first time. We also will have other recognized reasons for praising our God.


One thought on “Praising God And Others (Psalm 148:13)

  1. This just makes me smile! It is easy to fault find and point fingers but the time invested not only is wasted but usually results in dissatisfaction for all involved. I agree with this sound wisdom, we should look for the positive attributes in each other and appreciate them. Tell your friend, coworker, family and especially your spouse how much you admire their abilities and strengths. You are right, watch how that works in building relationships and the individual by even the smallest of gestures…a smile! God bless you!

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