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Gladness (Psalm 4:7)


Gladness, what is it? It is a condition of the heart when a person experiences joy or laughter in their heart. Some people seem to never experience it and others seem to have it as part of a daily occurrence. Everyone is seeking for it, but few truly find it. However, the Psalmist records that gladness is put into his heart by The Lord.

Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased. (Psalms 4:7)

I cannot say that I have lived long or that I have the fullness of wisdom, but I can state that I have experienced the two types of gladness that are mentioned in this passage. Gladness when corn and wine increase seems to relate to gladness that comes from events or prosperity. Although each of these can bring gladness of heart, neither will have a lasting effect. You can have all the success and money that your heart desires, but one bad phone call can rob you of that gladness. However, find gladness in God and even adversity cannot take it from you. Remember Paul admonishing us to be content in whatever situation we may find ourselves? (Philippians 4:11)

True lasting gladness comes from an active relationship with God. I say active for a reason. We initially receive gladness when we come to Christ. Remember what you experienced? Gladness filled your heart because you received forgiveness of sin and finally came to know the true God. However, sin affects our relationship with the father. When we sin, our fellowship with God is hindered and becomes distant. Unless repentance occurs, more sin will be committed which will in an even greater way affect our relationship with God. As we drift away from God, gladness drifts away from us because our joy and gladness is tied directly to him. Therefore to continually experience joy, we must have an active relationship with God.

The joy that God brings, still passes all understanding. Regardless of what conditions we face in life, God is there with us and ready to provide the gladness to our heart.

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