Light and Gladness (Psalm 97:11)


A few years ago, my wife and daughter bought me a fig tree for my birthday. At first, I tried growing the tree in a large pot, but had little success. After transplanting it into the ground, other difficulties were faced. My greatest challenge was the winter months. For two consecutive years, I lost all growth of the tree, but managed to salvage the root system. Just recently, I enjoyed my first fig. I planted, cultivated and even prayed until I reaped the harvest.

The Lord has done the same in the hearts of the righteous. He sows into our hearts what we need and because the condition of our hearts is right, we will gain the desired fruit. Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. (Psalms 97:11). While struggling through life, we may think that The Lord is ignoring or abandoning us, but he has not. He is bringing to us what we need, but what we needs takes time. God sows, time lapses and the necessary fruit is yielded.

Two great fruit promised by The Lord are light and gladness. When we have light, direction is clear and we know the steps that we should take. Gladness is also pleasure and rejoicing in heart. To face life with direction and to have rejoicing in your heart is all that we could ever ask for. God promises to give these to the righteous, but he does it over time. My figs did not grow overnight and neither will that which God sows into our lives.