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Grace and Peace (Galatians 1:3)

Grace and peace: these are familiar words and this phrase is found several times in scripture.  But why does the Apostle use these words?  Is it merely a kind of formal greeting or are these words intentional?

Grace is God doing a divine work in the heart that manifests itself in the life of a person.  This happens at salvation, but it also takes place in other areas.  The fruit of the Spirit is a work of his grace and these are manifested in every area of the believer’s life.  In short, grace is when God does through us what we are unable to do ourselves or God enables us to be something beyond the scope of our ability.  So in actuality, “grace to you” means: May God grant you the ability to do and be what you are unable.

The word peace comes from the word which means “to set at one”.  This is much like when a bone is broken and a doctor sets it at one so that healing can take place.  When countries are at odds, a negotiator may meet with the heads of state and bring these countries back into a harmony of agreement.  What he actually does is to set them at one again.

Peace in the believer’s life is when God brings either his presence or truth to the believer resulting in faith that the situation is under his control and will some how bring about or work together for good.  No longer is the believer anxious or distressed.  His heart is set at one again.  Peace from God comes by recognizing that God is in control of all the circumstances that are out of your control.

Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.  (Galatians 1:3)

From God, you get two fantastic benefits: he will help you do what you cannot do and be what you cannot be and also control all of the circumstances in your life.  He is doing a work on the inside and also on the outside as well.

Therefore, rejoice in him.  Walk today knowing that his strength is promised to be with you and his sovereignty will control all that is around you.


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