Rejected Again and Again (Isaiah 53:3)

You fat pig!  You can’t sit here.  I hate you!  We don’t want your kind around here.  Have you ever heard words like these before?  If you have, you know how deeply they hurt.  These words are words of rejection and being rejected is a very difficult thing to handle.  Each of us has faced it and our first occurrence took place way back in our early childhoods.  Since then, we have staggered from rejection to rejection.  Oh, we may pick ourselves up, but each rejection adds to the last and we never seem to completely recover.  We simply harden ourselves and move forward.  However, that is only true for some of us.  For the rest of us, is there any hope?  Is there anyone who will not reject us?  The answer is yes.

I have seen it many times.  Those who have been rejected tend to have a heart towards others who have also been rejected.  This is not always true: there are some who have become hardened people and only project their hurt on others, but they are not the majority.

I have a friend who has been rejected many times and even by friends and family.  Every time I need acceptance and support he is there.  He is able to help me, because he knows what it is like to be rejected and he understands the struggles I face each time I am rejected.  He knows the sorrow that I feel, because he also has felt it.  His compassion and strength become my stability.  He is a very true friend.

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: (Isaiah 53:3)

Have you been rejected?  If so, speak with my friend.  He wants to embrace you in his caring arms and provide the comfort and support you need to overcome your hurts.  You don’t need to measure up to gain his support, you simply need to reach out.