Goodness Of God (Psalm 52:1)

I remember as a boy in grade school, we had a reading lab for English class. It was a tier level curriculum that required you to read a story and then complete a quiz to assess comprehension. After taking the test, you would score your own material. After completing all the stories in one level, you advanced to the next.

At that time, I really struggled with read so I developed a plan. I would select my reading material and also remove the score key from the storage box. Then after reading the story, I would take the test, but all the while the score key, shaped like a book marker, was under the thigh of my leg. All seemed well and I was moving along through the curriculum at a good pace.

Then one day, the teacher handed me my material and stated that she had the score key at her desk and that I should contact her when I needed her to score it for me. Busted! I thought my plan was great and I was getting away with it. Boy was I ever wrong.

The Psalmist states that many times people think that they are getting away with their sin, but all the while, God knows all. We only are permitted to continue in our way without experiencing his judgment or chastening because of his goodness. We may think that we are getting away with sin, but in reality, we are getting away with nothing.

Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? the goodness of God endureth continually. (Psalms 52:1)

God’s goodness is not only demonstrated towards us by his blessing, kind acts and help in times of need, but also when he delays in responding towards us and our sin. Both acts of God’s goodness are great and desirable, but we need the latter much more than we do the former.