Not Giving In (Job 9:4)


Did you ever get picked on when you were a kid? Of course you have and if you were like the rest of us, you purposes in your heart that you were not going to cry. No matter what people did to you, you would harden yourself to make sure that you wouldn’t allow yourself to give in. You may have ran home, gone in the house and cried your heart out, but you weren’t going to do it in front of them.

Did you know that many people are still acting the same way. They expanded from not being moved to cry to where they don’t allow themselves to be moved. Sadly to say, they act this way towards God. Somewhere along the line, things in life did not work out as planned, so they decide to take over and take change. Regardless of what God does, they purpose not to give in to him.

One of Job’s friends made a comment about such people. He said, “He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength: who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered?” (Job 9:4)

Stop and think, can anybody really win when they harden themselves against God? Of course not, but people do it anyway. The children of Israel continually did it while they wandered in the wilderness and God’s people today are no different. What they fail to recognize is that they are yielding to somebody. Everybody does: they either yield to God or they yield to the enemy who is moving their heart against God. How foolish.

What can we do? What should we do? God says that we should instruct them in meekness in hopes that God may give them repentance. (2 Timothy 2:25). Until that time comes, hold on because the road will definitely get rocky.