Why Does God Allow This?

Why does God allow mean people to treatment me wrongfully? Or why does God allow people to hurt me? These questions have puzzled many and caused countless people to struggle and even fall away from their faith.

To some degree, the Apostle Paul addressed this issue in the following Scripture passage.

For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake; (Philippians 1:29)

I remember as a kid, my mother repeatedly played on our stereo the same song: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden. I was so sick of hearing that song, but one thing I distinctly remember from it was that along with the sunshine, there will be a little rain sometime. I guess that sums up relationships, work and even life itself.

Sadly to say, there are many who are saying that if people come to Christ, their lives will be a wonderful experience. They present it like their lives will be a bed of roses. What a mixed up theology. I can say that I would never even think of trading my life in Christ for anything, but I also can definitely say that as a Christian my life has not been easy. But again, why would God want me to suffer at all let alone suffer for Christ?

Our life experiences are a testament to the world. Because the lost will not seek God, he brings the message of hope and love to them. As we experience trials just as the lost do, God wants to demonstrate his comfort and love through his interaction with us. As we experience grace and strength, The Lord sends his message of love to the lost.

God also allows the wicked to oppress us so that he may convict them by us not being afraid but remaining strong in him. Trials and troubles are not joyful, but we can find joy while in the midst of them. God wants to meet you in that trouble and manifest his presence to you. When he does, the lost around you will see a demonstration of what he wants to do for them. We must remember that we are bought with a price and because he paid the great price of our salvation, we now belong to him. He will use us as he pleases and we must trust that whatever he does will be what is best for us and for others. Trials never seem like what is best, but it is during those times that our faith must rely on God and his goodness.


Imagine (Psalm 129:1-4)


Imagine how many people have treated you wrongfully because of your spiritual beliefs or disposition. People who would not forgive you, who hold back from helping you, deny you an opportunity for advancement at work, talked about you, plot against you or maybe just don’t like you all because you are a Christian. Now imagine what life would be like if God executed immediate vengeance upon those individuals. Maybe not kill them, but bring negative circumstances in their lives for how they have treated you. What would your life be like? Some may think, “Life would be awesome!” But would it really be? It may seem that life would be good because of God’s intervention in our lives, but we could also begin to feel invincible. When anything would go wrong, look out because God will be on the move. Life would quickly deteriorate into a selfish existence. Instead of God protecting us from what he doesn’t like, we would begin to think God should protect us from what we don’t like.

Imagine further now, that God would also take vengeance on you for each and every wrong doing that you do towards others. Life wouldn’t be too happy would it? Throughout every day, God would be zapping you and everyone else for your wrong doings. Behaviors wouldn’t change because we daily live with our sin natures and regardless of how much we try not to, we would still do wrong. Each of us would walk in fear for the next big whack from Heaven. Doesn’t sound too promising does it?

Many a time have they afflicted me from my youth, may Israel now say: Many a time have they afflicted me from my youth: yet they have not prevailed against me. The plowers plowed upon my back: they made long their furrows. The Lord is righteous: he hath cut asunder the cords of the wicked. (Psalms 129:1-4)

What God does instead of working against those who do us wrongfully, is to works for us. Sinners will do their wrong, but God will hinder or cut back what they try to do to is. He will keep them from being successful at destroying us. In other words, their hypothetical whip of anger will have the cords cut short. Oh it will still hurt, but we will not be destroyed. Paul understood this when he said, “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.” (2 Corinthians 4:8-9)

God is always righteous and because of that his works towards us and for us will always be righteous. There will come a day when he will righteously execute complete vengeance upon sin, but for now his righteousness works in a different way. People will continue to hate, kill and oppress others, but we must remember in the midst of it all that we have a righteous God supporting us and cutting back the cords of the wicked.