What is being spiritual?

What is being spiritual?

Is it knowing the bible very well to where you can quote large amounts of scripture or at the least scripture to pertains to life’s problems?

Is it demonstrating a faith attitude while in the midst of life’s dark circumstances?

Is it being separated from the world so that you don’t look, act, or speak like them?

Are you spiritual when you overcome the hurts, fears and abuses of life?

I am glad to say that the answer to all of these questions is, “No!”  Satan memorized scripture and then quoted it to Jesus, so that knocks out the first.  The outward appearances of man are not nearly as significant as the inward.  Just because a facade of faith is demonstrated on the outside does not mean that it is possessed on the inside.  Being separated is not an indication of spirituality because countless cults around the world, who deny Jesus Christ, have stringent guidelines for conduct and appearance, yet these people are not spiritual.  In fact, they are still lost in their sin.

Finally, we will look at the overcoming of hurts, fears and abuse.  I know many spiritual people who have not overcome.  This may surprise you, but it is true.  Many may state, “What about greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world?”  I John 4:4 is a good verse.  My reply to that is a question.  How can it be expected for people to overcome in Christ if they have not been given instruction in truth or have been given an incorrect manner of going to God for deliverance.  It is just like countless millions who have been told that they must serve Jesus with works in order for him to save them. These individuals may work tirelessly for years and never obtain salvation.  

In like manner, what victory would be obtained for those who have been hurt and abused if they were given the following advice.

If you want to get victory, sell out for Jesus, live holy, give, separate from the world and pray.  

What a legalistic approach.  How much selling out will be enough?  How can I know when I am holy enough?  Is tithing enough or should I give more? If so, how much?  Hair, clothes, words, actions, entertainment: I am separated…should I turn off my electric too?  After all this, there is no victory.  And then we wonder why people only stay in churches for five years.  These hurting people have done everything they were told to do and came up empty.  No wonder they leave…no wonder they give up.

It is time for us to be spiritual and make a difference.  Let us start with Galatians 6:2: Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Opportunity (Mark 13:3-9)

Opportunity: the very word reminds me of the commercial advertising the resale of football tickets.  When they become available, they are only there for a moment.  If you don’t snatch and grab them, they will be gone.
This woman saw an opportunity, reached out and grabbed the moment.  Because of it, we all have heard her testimony.  However taking advantage of the opportunity was not an easy task and never really is.  In this case, the woman needed to overcome personal opposition.  The fact that her hair was down and she was referred to as a woman, who was a sinner, indicated that she was not accepted in the company.  However, this barrier did not stop her from taking advantage of the opportunity that The Lord put upon her heart.
Opportunities come from The Lord and we must recognize and take advantage of them so that we may accomplish the work that he wants.  For this woman, she had the opportunity to anoint his body for his burial.  This opportunity was brought just to her.  The women, who went to the tomb on resurrection morning, loved The Lord greatly, but did not have that opportunity.  It was too late, he was already risen.
As I pondered this passage, I knew that I could not have the opportunities as those who were present when The Lord was on the Earth.  However, I did ask myself, “What types of opportunities does The Lord bring to me?”
The Lord brings me opportunity to fellowship, serve, testify and give to him.  Because I am such a fast paced person, I have probably missed out on more opportunities to fellowship with God than any other opportunities.  I have needed to learn that there are sights, sounds, people and events that he brings to me daily so that I may stop, recognize his greatness and fellowship with him in praise.
Serving other is serving The Lord.  He said that if a person is to be great, he will be a servant.  Testifying is telling others what God has done and is doing in your life.  It can be done as a response to a question from a friend or a long discussion about salvation.  Giving is simply accomplished by giving yourself.  After you have given yourself, giving anything else is much easier.
Today, The Lord will bring one or many opportunities your way.  Will you miss the opportunity or will you snatch a grab it?