Knowledge of Salvation (Luke1:77)


As believers in Christ, we know that salvation is something that has already been accomplished for us. We know that the complete debt for our lifetime of sin was paid by Jesus Christ and he accomplished this by becoming our substitute or sin bearer before God, but is that action of redemption all there is to salvation?

There is much more to salvation than just the act of payment for sin. What people fail to recognize is that salvation is more than an act performed by God, but that it is also a condition of life that he places us in. In Luke 1:77, God records, “To give knowledge of salvation unto his people by the remission of their sins.” The knowledge of salvation comes after and because of the action of salvation.

People know salvation when their sins are remitted or removed. The action of salvation occurs when the debt of sin is reckoned to Jesus’s account and the sinner is redeemed or bought back into a relationship with God. Much more occurs such as adoption into God’s family, God’s righteousness imputed to us and being joint errors with Christ, but what also occurs is that we begin to live in the realm of salvation. Salvation is not only an act, but also a condition of life. Just as having cancer causes a person to live in the realm of illness and great wealth causes a person to experience the “rich” life, having the debt of sin removed by the work of salvation ushers believers into experiencing salvation. One of the greatest things about salvation is the life that you experience after the act was completed.

When you live in salvation, there is nothing worth going back to. Oh don’t be confused. There have been many who have fallen to deceitfulness and made decisions to walk away from God, but they are like ships tossed in the sea. Their lives again are shallow and empty. They are not lost, just empty. What brings hope is that God continues reaching out to them and if they so choose, they can return and again experience the wonderful life of salvation.