Is God Good? (Psalm 118:1)

What makes a cake or dessert good? It is good because of the pleasure that it brings to the tongue. What makes a musical piece good? A musical piece is good because of its pleasantness to our ears and our hearts. Is God good? Of course he is, but what makes him good?

We could say that God is good because of his mighty power. To some degree we would be right, but his goodness goes beyond that. Many who gaze at the stars in the Heaven may state that God is good because of what he has created. Again this may sound valid, but God’s goodness goes much beyond that. A god could be all powerful and the creator of a vast universe and at the same time not be good. Imagine if Lucifer had been successful at ascending to the mount of God and seated himself upon the throne of Heaven as god, would he act with goodness. We know that he would act completely differently. From the scriptures, we learn how he will act towards mankind while he is personified in the person of the Antichrist. He will be ruthless, unloving and evil. He will be anything but good. Power and ability do not make a person good. So, why is God good?

God is good because of his mercy. To create, you only need power, but to have mercy, you must have a heart and to have mercy that will endure forever, it must be an attribute of your being and not just the result of an arbitrary decision. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever. (Psalms 118:1)

God will seem good to you when you recognize his abundant mercy towards you. The more you recognize and identify his acts of mercy, the more you will see him as good. Those who fail to see God as good, fail to recognize or see God’s mercy.

Some have a hard time believing that God is good because he does not act in their lives like they desire or expect. God not coming to the rescue for Illnesses, lost jobs, accidents, financial loss, and domestic struggles persuades people to believe that God is not good. The fault is not with God, but man. These people have taken their focus off of the great work of mercy that God has done in their lives and instead focused on what they want or expect God to do. God is still good, but because of disappointment, they fail to see it.

Which person are you? They way to determine it is to ask this simple question. Is God good to you?


Strength For The Trial (Mark 1:11-12)

After letting Jesus know that he was pleasing to him, God led him into the wilderness for a trial. God does the same for us. Trials are never a pleasant event and what we must remember is that we are pleasing to God and the trial has not come because we are displeasing.

And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. And immediately the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness. (Mark 1:11-12)

Remembering that you are pleasing to God will enable you to withstand the battle that will take place in your heart and mind. During the trial, the enemy will accuse God of being unloving and not caring. Clinging to the truth of his love and that you as his child are pleasing to him will provide much needed strength. Sadly those with a legalistic view who never hear God’s words of being pleasing to him, will succumb to the lies of the enemy.

If earthly fathers can be pleased with their children in spite of their failures and actions which bring disappointment, how much more can our Heavenly Father be pleased with us.

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